More spring flowers coming

25 February 2020

We’re always showing photos of the garden when it’s in full bloom – I thought it was time we showed it at the start of the year, even before we start the spring tidy-up in a week or two. We did cut down some of the wild carrots today as they were breaking off, and we’ve stacked the old stems round the back by the compost bins, so that any hibernating insects can wake up and fly off, rather than being trapped in the bins. Most clearing will wait for another week or two.

We planted snowdrops last year, and the year before – they’re still there, and some have spread to the wild flower bed (nearest the car park), but they’re not really thriving yet.




The bed that the preschool children look after is colourful at the moment, too. We’re going to have to decide which of the self-seeded flowers should stay, as they’ll be sowing peas and carrots again soon, and we need to leave room for tomatoes too – all great favourites last year!


We should have waited before putting up photos of the hellebores a couple of days ago – they’re much brighter and more intensely coloured now. A couple of queen bumblebees were landing on them this morning, a useful pitstop for hungry bees just out of hibernation.

And here’s the constant hero of these gardens – the perennial wallflowers have a few flowers on them all year round, but suddenly towards the end of winter they really pick up steam. Just in time for all those emerging bees, that love them!

And lastly, I had a companion following me around at the gardens today,  enjoying all the bugs and worms hiding under the leaf mould mulch we put down some weeks ago: