Another month into the year

20 March 2020

A month after our last post, and the garden’s really beginning to wake up, with a lot more colour. Some of that comes from the foliage plants we’ve put in, particularly in  the bottom two beds nearest the war memorial, but also, a little blue from pulmonaria and grape hyacinths, that the bees love.

We weeded the lavender borders today, to start smartening the place up after the long winter; next week we’ll ask the preschool to come round and help us spread leaf mould under the plants, which keeps moisture in, and shows the blue-grey of the plants off well against the dark leaf mould. And the children love spreading it.

Note for anyone reading this in the future: due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were very careful to social distance (= keep at least two metres apart) while working; there were only two of us, and we worked at opposite ends of the flower beds. We haven’t quite worked out how we’ll manage with the preschool children, but we have time to think about it.

There’s also more colour in the beds that get most sunshine, nearer the car park:

And there were plenty of bees around, mainly the large queen buff-tailed bumble bees emerging from hibernation and needing to build up their strength for nesting and producing the next generation.