What a difference a couple of weeks make

05 April 2020

Well, they were good plans, while they lasted; but three days after the last blog post, the whole country was put into lockdown because of the coronavirus, to prevent overwhelming hospitals with patients with Covid-19. So all work has stopped at the gardens, and we never did have the preschool spreading leaf mould, or sowing peas. There’ll be time for the leaf mould when this is all over; but no veg for them this season, sadly.

We’re allowed to go out once a day for exercise, so we need to change our usual plan of moving things around and increasing the number of flowers out when the In Bloom judges come round in July. We won’t work round there, but will instead see what happens when it’s left to itself. I’ll take photos as the gardens change and post pictures here, and on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LinsladeMemorialGarden/.

We’ll also change the focus of this blog for the moment, to post more about how to garden for wildlife even in small spaces, linking to people using plants and ideas we haven’t used here yet, and trying to keep more up to date with the original ‘plant of the month’ feature we ran before gardening at more sites took time from blogging. We may also post photos from various sister sites like the wild flower site by the canal on Linslade Memorial Playing Field, the Pocket Park at the (now deserted) station, and the patch of shady ground outside Bossard House on West St.

Here’s the garden as it was today – the first Thalia daffodils are out (they’re the smaller white ones, that bees love), the primroses in the wild flower bed are in full bloom, and that glorious flowering cherry in the corner is just about to come into flower again: