A few more recent photos

11 April 2020

Thanks for the very rapid response – here are a few photos taken yesterday.

The ‘Thalia’ daffodils are fully out now. I don’t think there are any bees on this clump, but it’s always worth checking – quite often you think there’s nothing there, then some pollen-covered legs and a small furry backside reverse out of the trumpet and fly off.








The perennial wallflower is much further along, and once the pulmonaria has died back, this is the flower bees seem to go for most. It should carry on blooming at this rate for a few months, and there’ll still be flowers on it well into winter.










The wild flower bed nearest the car park does look scrappy at the moment, but it’ll soon take shape as the poppies and cornflowers grow. Red deadnettle is already flowering there – it’s one of bees’ favourite foods, and will contribute to the understorey protecting the soil and keeping the food supply going long after the poppies have faded.


Incidentally, some people who take photos want to remain anonymous; others would be happy to be credited. If you send us photos, please tell me which you’d like – anonymity or a credit.