A list of nurseries selling peat-free plants and compost

30 April 2020

A number of people have asked us where you can buy peat-free compost, and recently, we’ve also been asked where you can buy plants that have been grown in peat-free compost. I’ve been meaning to collect all the information together and publish it, but the list still wasn’t complete; then today, Nic Wilson, a great gardening writer and editor of Gardener’s World Magazine amongst others, announced on Twitter that she’d just published one on her great website, Dogwooddays. It’s at https://dogwooddays.net/2020/04/30/updated-peat-free-nurseries-list/

None of the nurseries are local to us, but many sell plants online; most of the plants here in the Garden of Remembrance were either propagated by members of the team, always in peat-free compost, or bought from some of these nurseries. Nic’s post links to their websites, and most of them include up to date information on how Covid-10 is impacting deliveries – you can still buy plants mail order from most of them, it’s just that delivery might take a little longer.

There’s also a link below the list to the Candide website, which has an excellent article by Nic Wilson on why peat-free compost is so important, at https://candidegardening.com/GB/stories/ea083986-c223-44f9-a50f-1ff2813cdf09.

Buying good peat-free compost locally may be a little harder as Potash Nursery is now closed; for the last few years they’ve stocked Melcourt’s Sylvagrow, which has produced really good results -some of the cheaper or own-brand ones can be tricky to use – but that applies to ordinary peat-based multipurpose composts, too. (I do look forward to the time when ‘ordinary’ means ‘peat-free’ when applied to compost).

Both Dalefoot and Sylvagrow are really excellent, and we’re beginning to think about buying a whole pallet of one of them later in the year, if enough people would want to buy a few bags. Watch this space, and let us know if you’d be interested!