Mid-May update

16 May 2020

One of the team took these photos last week – the gardens are really waking up now, once the irises are out, summer’s here!

Blue and pink bee magnets! Aquilegia in the foreground, with perennial wallflower (Erysimum ‘Bowles’ mauve’) behind.









And a bee on the perennial wallflower (I think it’s a common carder bee, can anyone confirm that?)

Irises – Siberian iris in the second bed up from the cross, and bearded iris a couple of beds further up:

I think these irises were gifted by In Bloom after one of their plant stalls – thank you! The bees love them, and they smell heavenly.

We’re sorry the gardens look at bit overgrown at the moment, we’re gradually working through the beds, but separately, and with no work parties; only two of us are available for the moment. We’re not trying to have scorched earth between plants, but a number of plants do need more light and space around them, and we’re on it again now.

We’re also gradually working through the paths to keep weeds under control there too.

And a very big thank you to all the (socially distanced) passers by who say they like being round here, or that they like the gardens the way they are – it’s lovely to hear that!