Looking back to last summer

18 January 2021

Around this time we often look back at the previous year in the gardens; but on a cold, grey, wet January day, waiting for Storm Cristoph to come and saturate the ground again, I thought I’d just post a few reminders from early autumn last year, to remind us that better times are (hopefully) just around the corner.

These were taken by Jackie Matthews, a local photographer; I posted a few last September, and said I’d post some more ‘soon’. Sorry! This is hardly soon … but better late than never, I hope.

Doesn’t this look green and lush! We’d just pruned the lavender edging back, and the first dahlias were coming out.

Here’s the bed that Mentmore Road Under-Fives usually help us look after – we weren’t able to garden together at all this year, let’s hope they can come and grow some more flowers, peas and carrots this year:









I’ll put up more photos of the flowers themselves later on, to brighten the end of January. And hopefully, there’ll be a few of the first winter aconites – they’ve been coming out in my (more sheltered) garden over the back. but no sign of them here yet.