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Peat-free compost: update

24 March 2021

We’ve posted before (here, here and here) about the importance of using peat-free compost for sowing, potting-on, containers and hanging baskets, and gradually it’s becoming more mainstream, and less expensive in comparison with multipurpose compose that contains peat.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has recently announced that it intends to be 100% peat-free by 2025 – its current position is “RHS Gardens are currently 98% peat-free with the exception of some rare and exotic plants. We also stopped selling peat-based bagged compost in 2019, and from 2025 plants sold in our retail outlets and on display at our Shows will be peat-free.” This is a major step forward for the industry’s leading association. There’s a lot more information on their website, for example a description of some of the issues involved is at

But what about actually buying peat-free compost in Leighton Buzzard? Up till now, it’s been difficult; I think the only supplier was Homebase, who’ve stocked New Horizon compost for some years. Update in March 2022: We posted a list of local suppliers last year; there weren’t many. This year, we’ve taken that list down as many more retailers are now stocking peat-free compost as a matter of course.

In a week or two, when we think we have a reasonably complete list, it’ll be posted on the South Beds Friends of the Earth website (, on its own page for easy reference.