Monthly Archives: October 2021

Getting ready for Remembrance Day

16 October 2021

Apologies for our shameful neglect of this blog – the start of the gardening year is always really busy, and we could use a few more days in the week.

Here in the Garden of Remembrance we’re beginning to look ahead to next year, by clearing many of the annual flowers from the wild flower bed nearest to the car park, and sowing more poppies from seed we gathered last month. And in the shorter term, we’re beginning our usual preparations for Remembrance Day and the days before and after it – tidying the lavender borders (done), trimming the edges of the paths (they’ll need doing again before November), and clearing weeds from the paths all round the gardens – that took four of us a couple of mornings this time, but it’s looking much better now.

And the Town Council has cleaned the memorial itself, it’s looking so good now: And there’s still some colour in the gardens, particularly with the brilliant red leaves on the spindle shrub, and the last of the dahlias and Michaelmas daisies in the other beds: