Preschool helpers

17 March 2022

Last week we had more help than usual in the gardens – some of the children from Mentmore Road Under-Fives came out to help us.

A couple of purple toadflax seeds had grown into sizeable plants in the veg (sunnier) end of their bed, so we used a garden fork to lift them carefully (two children standing on the fork at a time) and carry them down to the shadier end.







Then they dug holes and replanted them there, together with some spare foxglove plants I had. One little girl had found a small bit of conifer that had blown down in the wind, and wanted to plant that, too – hopefully it’ll grow, others have in various places in the gardens.

Then everything had to be watered very thoroughly, and then watered again, just in case.

There were a lot of twigs and other sticks all over the grass, after the windy days last week, so some of the children went collecting sticks to support the peas they’ll be sowing next week.

It’s inspiring to work with them, they’re so enthusiastic!