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Harvest Time

08 September 2019

Back in April, the children from our local preschool had a great time planting out some tomato plants, and they’ve enjoyed watering them on subsequent visits. It’s been hard keeping the plants watered over the long, dry summer holidays, but we’ve had enough tomatoes for all the children, including a few for the older children who often come round to see the gardens even though they’ve moved on to school and are no longer involved regularly.

Here are a couple of photos of some of the children harvesting their crop:

It’s really good to see how pleased they are – as gardeners, we just see a poor crop because of the drought, and we make a note to add much more compost and leaf mould this year to try and retain more moisture. But they’re just delighted with the very sweet, tiny tomatoes they’ve grown.

Looking ahead, it’s nearly time to sow the poppies in the bed nearest the car park, and this year we have some very special helpers – watch this space!